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Ana Johnson, Ph.D., is an expert in public health sciences by training. 


She has been involved in mindfulness for 24 years when she first encountered the book by Dalai Lama, "The Art of Happiness". Since then she has embarked on many trainings (see below).

She gives workshops on mindfulness, touching on stories and mythology, while bringing in scientific evidence from the literature, addressing various human emotions in search for happiness.


She addresses the fundamental likeness of being human, drawing from Western writers, such as Carl Jung, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Jeff Foster, Kristin Neff, Eckhart Tolle and poets, including Aleghieri, Shakespeare, Rilke, Yates, among others.


Her poetry provides a framework for processing and exposing humanity's innermost thoughts and emotions.


This website, in addition to being an outlet for her own work, includes book recommendations. 

Certifications: Ana Johnson’s (Ph.D.) - Professor, Public Health Sciences

Completed - Tai Chi Course: Tai Chi Chuan Center of Milwaukee:


Completed - 6 week Mindfulness Course:


Completed - 7 day Retreat - The Original Body Scan: 32 Parts of the Body Meditation - Discovering Freedom within the Body:


Completed - 7 week Mindfulness Training Program - The Power of Awareness:


Completed - 40 day - Mindfulness Daily Training:


Completed - 40 day - Mindfulness Daily at Work:


Completed - QiGong Immersion Teacher Training (4000 year old Chinese wellness practice that has roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine) – Modules 1 - 4:


Completed - Feng Shui Training - Modules 1-4 and Advanced Module 5:


Completed - Various Astrology Training Workshops:


Completed - Inner MBA Program: How to Integrate Spirituality and Business:


Enrolled into two-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program (certificate from the University of California, Berkeley; starting Feb 2023 until Feb 2025):

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