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No need to be awesome,

Or show endless penitence

In order to blossom.

Just allow the delicate, gentle parts of your anatomy to dispense

And adore what they may.

Whisper to me your despair,

And in turn, my own I will convey.

Meanwhile, the earth spins through the air.

We witness the twilight,

While precipitation navigates through landforms,

Along the countryside, dense vegetation in highlight,

And above mounts, sand storms.

Awhile the swans fly high,

At elevated heights in the clear, cloudless sky,

They return to their abodes once more.

If you feel isolated or ignored,

Know that the universe endlessly provides seeds of inspiration,

Beseeching you, like migratory birds in formation,

Repeatedly declaring your rightful space by design

In the ancestry of life.

A. Johnson

Birds in Tree

Inspired by:

The Original Body Scan: 32 Parts of the Body Meditation Discovering Freedom within the Body (

Inspired by:

Mary Oliver, American Poet


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