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QHO x Ana Johnson Podcast

In this episode, Orli and Victoria from Queen's Health Outreach are joined by Dr. Ana Johnson who explains how she got into holistic health and how it connects with her research. We delve into what Mindfulness and Feng Shui is and how they can positively impact your wellbeing! Finally, we discuss natal charts, retrogrates, how they relate to astrology and their significance to our lives. 



Ana Johnson

Ana Johnson, Ph.D., is an expert in public health sciences by training. 


She has been involved in mindfulness for 24 years when she first encountered the book by Dalai Lama, "The Art of Happiness". Since then she has embarked on many trainings (click below).

She gives workshops on mindfulness, touching on stories and mythology, while bringing in scientific evidence from the literature, addressing various human emotions in search for happiness.


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