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The Pillar of Life

Picture yourself waiting

for a ride, a taxi or waiting in line.

You hear a voice inside.

As you listen to your mind

chattering, fretting, planning,

you remember this time is so precious, radiance sparkling.

As you look behind,

you discover the many reasons why.

When you go through

a list of things to do,

you notice a note addressed only to you.

A secret message that brings you

to a sudden stillness.

You notice the vitality running through your body.

How brief a time it has.

Yet, you feel your own liveliness.

You become a pillar of energy.

And something settles in you,

reminding you this is the greatest

moment of your life.

A. Johnson

Women waiting for a train

Inspired by:

Susan Warner, song "May I Suggest"


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