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Where do we come from?

We ponder,


A candid spirit.

Before we know it,

we are born,

on this earth.

A weighty mentor.

A dash of agitation in our bosom,

a plunging sensation in our stomach,

gritting our teeth.

We fall apart when we are slack.

Then, we recover

in victory,

in joy.

Restoration is genuinely contradictory.

Our route to revival brings us

to the immediate instant,

every time, it is consistent.

With our simple breathing, we notice.

A puppy howling,

a gentle giggle of an infant,

a warm drink with a confidant.

Life depicted on the bright canvas of our cognizance.

No matter how preoccupied we seem,

or how far off we veer,

all thoughts, feelings, and yearnings

are simply fluctuations in our psyche.


we embrace the ‘here and now’,

we revive.

We commence afresh.

We remember an existent,

mysterious force greater than ourselves,

carrying us, upholding us, and sustaining us.

An entity so immense, enigmatic, and bountiful.

A. Johnson


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Inspired by:

Crazy Brave by Joy Harjo

The Deepst Acceptance by Jeff Foster


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