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As I sit in my room,

lights off,

I visualize an open

verdant temple

in a jungle,

mysterious and burly.

Like a resemblance, amidst the most ardently beautiful

streams and wild animals.

I wish to go there.

I look up at the sky

to the Lunar nodes.

So bewildering is the way

solar eclipses open

to birth and death

in this life of lives,

more magnificently

than I could ever



or claim.

Will I remember death after I die?

When fear rushes through me

and it dances all around,

like the deep abyss

and unveiled illusion that it is,

I know there is nothing unsung

that can ever hold me back

from whence I came

and from where I am going.

I imagine feeling my feet

dipped in water

reminding me

how the notion of death

brings me closer to an

unimaginable liberty,

through my tears

like a stream,



and free.

A Johnson

Eclipse in the Galaxy by Guillermo Farna

Photo: Unsplash (Guillermo Farna)


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