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Our Earthily Cup

Within our earthily cup,

There are gorges and evergreen trees on hill tops,

And the creator of chasms and coniferous tree mounds,

All eight maritime directions,

And hundreds of billions of celestial bodies.

Here, the vitriol who experiments with precious metals is shone,

And the one who appraises gemstones,

The tunes that arise from touchless notes,

And the oasis afloat.

If we pay attention and wish to know, we will find

The essence whom we cherish within us,

As our treasured guide.

A. Johnson

Sunset over mountains


Collective Trauma Summit, 2022

The Original Body Scan: 32 Parts of the Body Meditation Discovering Freedom within the Body (

Insight (

Inspired by:

Kabir, 15th Century Poet


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