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Poem: Leaping

Oh, I wish I could leap out

of this identity,

run away towards the body of bright

azure lake water,

drawing me like a magnet as if

I could be dissolved from all the sorrow

and swallowed by the cloudless sky,

dissolved from the tingling

of my right broken foot,

from the incessant

unforgiving pounding of my feet

one after the other,

and from the numbness

evaporating from my body

along with the sweat from the

late September morning,

thereafter no longer

able to run

from nothing.

A Johnson

Picture of Lake Ontario

Photograph by A Johnson (Lake Ontario)

Inspired by:

Rumi (13th Century poet)

1 Comment

Marybeth Seitz
Marybeth Seitz
Oct 06, 2023

Beautiful thank you

Be well my friend

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