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What does it mean to be human?

A moment of acute acumen,

A glimpse of ruin.

Sudden gleefulness,

The arrival of sorrow.

A surprising realization.

All newcomers at dawn.

Salute and captivate them all with all our intention!

Even if they are throngs of anguish,

Who fiercely languish,

And evacuate our residence.

Nobly sense their presence,

For they may be absconding with our treasures,

Only to find new pleasures.

The deceit, the cheat, the rancour.

Face them at our gate with laughter,

And admit them.

Let us not be so quick to condemn.

For each was ushered from yonder,

Guiding us to forever wonder.

A. Johnson

Inspired by:


Inspired by:

Jalaluddin Rumi, poet (13th Century)

Inspired by:


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