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You find yourself moving along a path,

beautiful verdant grassy area

on your way back home.

You feel the sun on your skin

under the clear sunny sky.

All of a sudden, your path meets a river.

It is deep, cold, and scary.

Your body is numb.

On the banks of the river,

you spot your fear wanting to go across.

Your fear cannot swim.

“Anything but this!”, you say to yourself.

Your body trembles. You feel your heart pounding,

sweat dripping onto your eyebrows.

You are reticent. She is too fearful.

You cannot abandon her

for she is a part of you.

If you don’t take her

across the river,

you will be torn in two.

Can you truly leave a part of yourself behind?

Tears threaten. You don’t know what to do,

your body tenses, your muscles cramp.

In the panic, you pause

and remember your resourcefulness.

How to BATHE in your own light.

You remember your breath.

How to be aware.

Taking in some deep breaths,

your breath seeping down your neck

and into your chest.

Your lungs, your inner wings

with millions of alveoli

exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide.

As you take another breath in,

your remember your deep Awareness.

You become aware

of a beam of sunlight

reflecting on the river water.

You realize the absolute

hold of nature’s sustenance,

nurturing you at all times.

You remember

your careful Thinking.

You realize that the fear

has helped you in the past

when you allowed life to fully support you.

You remember your Heart.

Your chest rising and falling

in sync with your breath.

In this moment, you are not judging yourself

or trying to control the situation.

You are accepting

all parts of yourself

just as you are, including the fear.

And you remember


recognizing why you are here in this Earth.

You visualize the embrace of your loved one,

you imagine the twinkling of affection in their eye.

Slowly, you find the strength

to take the fear over your shoulders

and carry her across the river water.

A Johnson

River taken by Mark McGregor, Unsplash

Photo by Mark McGregor, Unsplash

Inspired by:

Rumi, Persian poet


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