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Poem: Embracing the Unknown

As you make your way along

the dark hallway

of the unknown

under the twilight sky,

stars above

wind on your cheeks

you take a step back

and sit

in the middle

of the earth.

At a distance,

birds nesting

going around in circles

the earth circling the sun

the moon circling the earth,

you become aware

of the season's cycles

and the cycles of your human life

in the great spin of lifetimes

twirling all around you.

You cannot make it slow down

yet in the centre you find yourself still,

succumbing to the gravitational

pull of the earth

as if supported by plush pillows.

You can relax into them.

Just in this moment

you bring up an intention

and place it on the palm

of your hand.

With all your might, you toss it

into the swirling ring

to the uttermost edge of the wheel

where it is moving the fastest,

into the cycle of life,

letting it mesh with the

ring of the world

as it moves all around you

through infinity

and beyond.

A Johnson


Photo by A Johnson (from airplane)

Embracing the Unknown Poem Inspired by:

Bill Plotikin, PhD, Nature and the Human Soul

Nature and the Human Soul

John Neihardt, Black Elk Speaks

Black Elk Speaks

Julie Simmons


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