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Good Habits

As you waltz together in life

with your partner,

your friends, your pet(s),

their vitality stirs you.

One day they may not

be up for something.

But you are,

and so your zest oozes.

On a different day,

you may be weary.

As you come together each time,

same environment,

same circumstances,

your brain registers,

your body responds.

You are ready to dance,

the hour is charged,

the time is ripe, right here,

right now,

this precious moment.

A Johnson

Green Grass by Phillip Torres, Unsplash

Photo by Phillip Torres, Unsplash

Inspired by:

Friends from InnerMBA: Sharlene, Ganna, Kevin JT, and everyone from 40 Days of Mindfulness Daily at Work group


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