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As you sit quietly,

flutter your eyes, soften your gaze,

let your fingers move

ever so slightly.

Sense your fingers connected

with your hands,

and your hands connected

with your mind.

You feel all sensations

from inside out.

As you move your fingers,

you experience

freeing friction

from your mind.

Any angst released,

any dormant drives unleashed,

neurons firing.

You feel the energy flow inside your body.

You remember

you are a body holder.

You inherited cells in your

extraordinary frame.

Bones heaving and compacting

through lifetimes.

Your bone marrow,

replete with profound partitions,

over 50,000 blood stem cells

stowed away for generations and millennia.

You may say: "I am not responsible

for how all this began in my body.

Or "I am not responsible

for past transgressions".

The plight of indigenous people, labourers

the killing and pillaging.

You may have been barely there when

your build was designed.

And here you are,

the present inhabitant of a vessel

with soothing rifts

and shapely knees and elbows.

You are the successor of your precious body.

Yet, you did not create your curved nose

or your graceful mouth.

But they belong to you to tend to now.

Unheeded, any creeks of your

bones and muscles

will not heal themselves.

Any DNA will not disappear.

Rather, you will pass

all knowledge

onto your descendants, your blood,

your education, your influence.

When you inhabit

and inherit DNA,

riddled with cortisol or stress hormones,

you have a choice.

If you adapt to your own idiosyncratic perils,

lurking within your ancient human design,

the uncomfortable may turn into acquiescence.

And acquiescence may turn into the opportune.

You may then start believing that unthinkable

events of antiquity are normal,

and you may come to believe that the inexplicable

is the way of living.

Instead, you are invited

to truly feel into your sensations.

To uncover the mystery of life

and BASTE in your own light.

First, tune into your Breath.

Focus on the quietness of the body,

a sunk stillness,

bringing your mind to your belly region.

Feel the way your mind is breathing there.

How the air naturally opens, inhale,

and naturally closes, exhale

with your full acceptance.

Then, you become Aware

of what surrounds you.

Maybe you are at a doctor's office,

or at a bus stop.

You ground yourself

to the preset moment

You notice the desk

or the bus.

Now, you are ready to plunge

into the Sensations of your body.

What is unobserved,

the foundation within.

Your individual structure,

the collective unconscious,

encryptions from thousands

of years.

Moving attention to your fingers and hands,

you notice any tingling, vibration, or tension.

A delicate dance entering into your own existence.

You feel alive.

You turn your attention

to your Thoughts,

viewing them as scaffolding,

your temporary building plans.

Plans drawn on water, emerging in an instant,

remaining only for a fleeting moment,

and melting, returning to formlessness

from whence they arise.

And you move onto your Heart,

allowing vitality to pour into your heart.

You call forth a sense of stillness,

peace, and tenderness.

You become familiar

with a sort of straightforward knowing here.

Not observing from the mind,

or returning into thinking.

You feel alive, gateways previously

sealed begin to open.

Now you call forth Empathy,

as you imagine

your fingers and hands

touching your own heart.

In the same way your

significant other, child, or pet

would touch your heart,

with delicate fondness.

You realize

a new breeze passes through you,

ashes of generations

blown away.

You sense as though

you have just dipped into a bath,

basting in your

magical body.

A. Johnson

Waves during a pink sunset by Yousef Espanioly, Unsplash

Photo by Yousef Espanioly, Unsplash

Listen on SoundCloud:

Inspired by:

Caste, The Origins of our Discotents by Isabel Wilkerson

Shift into Freedom by Loch Kelly


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