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The Dance

As I dance into the twilight

my body flowing freely,

I visualize an intimate ally

enveloped in the sunset's hues

blue, orange, and violet.

I summon this companion,

from across the ocean.

A below resounds,

"Who is this confidant?"

"Where may I locate him?"

As I uncover my soul,

I find him residing within my

very being.

It is only here

that I witness my face.

No longer blushing with

pink strands of blush.

My tresses turning silvery grey

against the black tinge

of my decaying teeth.

In a single lifetime,

how many chances does

the heart have

to face the empty

portal of life?

Like a vibrant youth,

now impervious to my

new complexion,

I am mesmerized.

A ladder never before climbed.

I witness the peculiar and nameless,

inviting me

to the gentle sway of the ocean,

virtuous, ordinary and whole.

Finally enamoured by life itself.

A. Johnson

Midjourney AI produced photo of a dancer

Photo produced by Midjourney AI. Inspired by The Dance (

Listen on SoundCloud:

Waves at sunset by Laura Barry, Unsplash

Photo by Laura Barry, Unsplash

Inspired by:

Fleur Adcote, New Zealand born poet

Inspired by:

Wang Wei, Chinese poet, musician, painter, politician (699-759)


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