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Unconditional Love

Is benevolence the other

side of evil?

From whose eyes, 

whose lenses, 

the right lens, or the left lens?

From the standpoint

of a woman, a man,

or them? 

Is it right for you, 

for me, for civilization?

Would I die for my children?

Of course!

Would they die for me?

I don’t know.

Does it matter?

What matters most

is the heart,

the gut, and their 

thousands of neurons

striking a dance,

inviting the brain

to dance, just like

in the old days

of chivalry, manners,

etiquette and love.

Will the brain

accept the dance?

Will it be

waltz, tango,

ballet, or samba?

Will the dance

be a trio or a duo?

Who will dance?

Those without shoes,

food, water, sanitation,

or those donned

in their satin

dresses and suits?

Only time

will tell.

A Johnson


Photo by A Johnson, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Inspired by:

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Inspired by:

Julie Simmons


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